React App code not going well with Freshdesk

Ayush here,

I was testing Full Page Create-React-App generated React frontend with my socket io, nodejs backend and I am not able to get any result on the freshdesk page after doing ?dev=true.

I tested an app with Html,css only frontend and the same backend and I was getting desired results but with the usual react flow, it is not working, also there is not many sample repositories present where I can look how React frontend works with freshdesk.

I tried to configure my frontend according to the one repo I got online but still freshdesk is not able to get the index.js file. Why the normal HTML, CSS works and not the React one is what my query is, and how I can make it work.

Also, my Frontend and backend are working successfully on localhost, just to tell there is no problem with connection of both the components, the difference is now we want the frontend to be freshdesk page instead of localhost.

Hey @arishti_plugin_dev ,
As we investigate, could you help us to understand more by sharing any logs or screenshots.
To mention, did you try out your_first_react_app? Try running this command and see if this can help you
fdk create --products freshdesk --template your_first_react_app

Reg sample apps with react, we will definitely add this to our list, and thanks for sharing.

Here is my entry files (index.html, then index.mjs and then there are components in App.js which I want to render).

Now freshdesk flow is not able to get into index.mjs from index.html but not further into App.js.
Also getElementById was not able to get div=root and that is why provided index.mjs link in first place.

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