React App with SMI


I have a large react app that I need to send an email from a server(using the node package nodemailer)

Is there a good way to solve this using a react app, but to add a SMI in order to trigger the server to send the mail with correct data?

Hey @Ansfs91,

Thanks for your patience while we responded about this.

Yea React app may call an SMI to use nodemailer and send an email but there would be a timeout limitation.

Let me know if you still have any questions around this.

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Thx @zach_jones_noel

Yeah it worked superb and the clinet was very happy with the end result. :slight_smile:

For anyone else that will look for a solution in the future: I did use SMI and this package node-mailer

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That is great to hear!

Thanks for confirming @Ansfs91

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