React development, transpiling React code in the browser


I’ve been developing Freshdesk apps for a while now, using Vanilla Javascript, JQuery, and AngularJs. My team specializes in React as a development framework and using it to develop Freshdesk apps will add great value to our work.

I understand that the Freshdesk environment is not compatible with files generated through Webpack (or at least I think that’s the reason) but I’d like to ask if this other way of using React is possible: loading react, react-dom, and babel through CDN then using a script tag with type “text/babel” so babel transpiles React in the browser and all code would live in one HTML file. I’ve tested this method creating a private custom app and seems to work fine.

Is it possible to use this method to upload apps to the marketplace?



Hey @Juventino_Romero

Glad to see you in the developer forum :smiley:

the simple answer would be that if the app works as a custom app, It should work identically when uploaded as a marketplace app.

Also, FDK might soon support Frontend frameworks, we’ll let you know once we add support!

Stay Safe :slight_smile:

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Awesome! I’ll continue adding features with React and let you know if I find any issues.

Looking forward to front-end frameworks support! :smile:

Thanks! Stay safe.

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@Juventino_Romero Apart from loading via CDN way, the React or any other frontend framework code can be compiled and used in the app directory.

In this way, the original source code has to be attached along with the compiled code for the code review process. Refer to our code review guidelines for the instructions.

It is also an workaround until Frontend frameworks support is not available natively on FDK.


This also looks like a good workaround. The source code should be attached separately from the build folder, right?

Thanks for the update.

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That’s right. Build files will go to the /app directory and the original source code is separately attached under /src directory.


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