Read groups available in Freshdesk on custom installation page (custom apps)

How can I get list of all the groups available in Freshdesk and store it in the app?

I want the chosen group to be used when creating a new ticket using custom app. Can we display the group names in the installation page UI but store the group_id in the app?

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You can use Entity Storage to store the data.

How do I display the list of groups in the custom installation page?

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I am assuming you are trying to create an app that gives the user the ability to map Groups in Freshdesk to some other property understood by your app (it is not clear what this property is based on your question). This will require you to be able to show a settings page during installation that displays the Groups to the user installing the app.

Have you considered using the Freshdesk Groups API for this purpose?

You could consider using Dynamic Iparams to design this settings page if it is simple enough, or fall down to a fully customizable iparams html if that does not work for you.

If the data you want to store is just a simple JSON object, you can probably store it as an iparam itself and access it at runtime.

If you can expand on the details of your problem, I am sure we can share more information and handy links to help you with this.

Thanks @satwik

The idea here is to choose the group at the time of app installation and create tickets periodically assigned to the group which was chosen at the time of installation.

Wanted to know if there is a way to store that group’s information (grouo_id) in iparams for the app to use.

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As @satwik mentioned, you can retrieve the Groups by using this API, and using the Dynamic Iparams or iparams html to render the retrieved list of groups in multi-select / select box and allow the user to select the group and store it in the Iparams.

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