Rebrand the agent portal?

Are there any plans to allow rebranding of the agent portal, similar to the ability to rebrand the requestor portal? Specifically, I want to be able to add custom CSS and Javascript, especially to Solutions Articles. Our solutions articles have custom styling seen by agents, but they look completely different to Agents because I can’t apply the same CSS and Javascript on the agent side.

I agree, also something that is needed in many of our cases :slight_smile:

We’ve seen cases where some of the requests is to allow the developers to customize the visitor/requester side of the portal… as in to run apps or easy customize outside of liquid syntax.

But agent portal requirements seem unique.

Here is now the Solution Articles view looks like,

What do you think should be allowed to be customizable?

Thanks for asking!

Solutions articles, naturally, should reflect a company’s brand. So I have added JS and CSS to the requester side so that our articles look like this.

The same article, viewed on the agent side, looks like this.

This is problematic for a couple of reasons.

  1. It’s difficult for agents to write and format solutions articles when they can’t see how they will render on the requester side.

  2. Some solutions articles are how-tos for agents, not requesters. The articles should be able to be formatted so they are easy to read.

While we’re on the subject, it would be very nice if an admin could create a template for solutions articles so that they all have a consistent format regardless of who writes the article. I’ve created an app for this purpose, but it really seems like it should be built in to the system.

Lastly, apps can be built into the sidebars of tickets, contacts, assets, etc., but there is no article-sidebar placeholder for solutions apps. My only option was to make my Solutions Template app a full-page app. It can only be accessed from the main toolbar, which seems out of place.

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@Saif I have to admit, and I am sure you are aware, but a real common thread that I have seen across not only the developer community but the Refresh community as well is the want for more capability related to solution articles. From customizations to reporting metrics, this portion of the platform seems to need some enhancements. Perhaps we can pull in some of the product team and discuss prioritizing this module on the roadmap???