Receiving Request Timed Error while accessing the Custom Apps

Hi Team,

We are getting the Request Timed Out Error whenever the app is initialised .we have five custom apps in production as well as in the sandbox instance and we have included the below values in the request templates that is used for invoking the api values and also in the SMI calls

In requests.json

"options": { 
    "maxAttempts": 5,
     "retryDelay": 1500

For SMI Call

"functions": {
        "onExternalEventHandler": {
          "timeout": 20
        "appTicketUpdate": {
          "timeout": 20

But Still we are receiving the request timed out error

I have attached the screenshots for your reference , Please do check it out and let us know the solution

Hi @Samantha_Maria_Aroki ,

Hello and welcome to the Freshworks Developers Community!

Could you kindly identify the specific SMI function where the request timed out occurs? Sharing that snippet will greatly assist in our debugging efforts.

Hi @Samantha_Maria_Aroki,

The request method has a 5-second timeout, as mentioned in the notes section of this documentation.

This could be a cause: If you have migrated the app from the previous platform version to platform version 2.3 or 3.0 recently with the request templates and never used the StaticIP option for the request before, the app may not have faced the request timeout of this 5 seconds before, and it will be faced now. Those requests got 20 seconds as long as the Serverless function can run.

For those cases, the 5-second timeout did not apply due to the design, and now all the API requests, whether they require static IP or not, are limited by this 5-second timeout.

As @Gopi mentioned, if you could share the code snippet of the requests.json and where this API request is made, we would be able to help better with the troubleshooting.