Recuring Reminders for Changes (Like tickets has)

Tickets have an option to send a reminder every 30 minutes for unassigned tickets. The changes module is missing this feature. We want to get repeated reminders for changes that are assigned to a group, but do not have an agent assigned.

It is not possible to create a loop in a workflow, or I would create logic that says If a ticket is unassigned, send a reminder, wait 30 minutes, go back step 1. If a ticket IS assigned, end.

My current work around is insane. I created 48 scheduled workflow events every 30 minutes that check for unassigned changes and send an email. It works, but when I need to change it, I have to edit 48 workflows!

Hey @ecksfiftyone,
Help me understand this better, are the schedules built with a custom app or is it Freshservice’s workflow that is maintained?