Recurring schedule workaround

Can I have more than 1 recurring schedule in the app?

We have a requirement to create tickets monthly, weekly, daily and quarterly.

Today we support only 1 recurring schedule. Does anyone have a workaround?

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We do have a workaround for using 4 recurring schedule in a single app.Since the we support only 1 recurring schedule and multiple one-time schedule as mentioned in the docs.

You can have a maximum of 1000 one-time schedules and 1 recurring schedule. You can create one recurring schedule for daily and then 3 one-time schedules with the schedule defined with the corresponding upcoming weekly, monthly, quarterly dates.

Eg. For weekly, let’s say every Sunday 9 AM every week, a one-time schedule can be created for the upcoming Sunday 9 AM. At the scheduled time, the scheduled event will be executed. When it’s executed, the required functionality will be done. Also, update the same schedule for next Sunday 9 AM in the same scheduled event. So, it will be keep going forever. Thus, recurring schedule functionality is replicated.
And you can similarly do it for monthly and quarterly.Snippet to update a schedule from the docs.

  name: "ticket_reminder",
  data: {ticket_id: 10001},
  schedule_at: "2018-06-10T07:00:00.860Z",
  repeat: {
    time_unit: "hours",
    frequency: 1
.then(function(data) {
    //"data" is a json with status and message.
}, function(err) {
    //"err" is a json with status and message.

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