Recurring Scheduled Events not getting executed

Hi team!

I have an app with a recurring scheduled for every minute.
This is used to sync data between freshdesk and a third party system.
It has been running for more than one year without problems.
But this week, it happened twice already, the scheduled event does not get invoked.
I can confirm it since every invocation is logged in server, and since the sync is not happening.
What can it be?

@samuelpares There are no changes on our end that could affect existing recurring schedules.

We would need more information to troubleshoot it.

  1. Could you share the app information? App ID, Account domain, product
  2. Time range (along with timezone) when this invocation is expected but didn’t happen.
  3. What can we look for in the logs that the app might print for each invocation?
  4. Could you describe which features are used in the external event?
  5. Is there any rate-limit hikes done for this app or account? If so, how much is it now?

Hi Raviraj, I shared the account info in private.

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