Redirect phone calls to HTTP server

Hi all,

a client uses Freshcaller to manage all incoming phone requests and wants to automate them using a chatbot.
I have previous experience doing this on Twilio where I can set up a webhook and receive calls’ transcripts, analyze them and answer.
My questions are:

  1. How can I recreate the same integration using Freshcaller (or another Freshworks product)?

  2. How can I redirect the call to a human agent?

Thanks in advance for your help!


I just signed up for a Freshdesk Messaging Account (previously Freshcaller). For the use case that you are suggesting, I am assuming one of the Call Workflow features will solve it.

Over All: Introduction to call flows : Freshdesk Contact Center
For #1 & #2 - Speech IVR bot in Freshdesk Contact Center : Freshdesk Contact Center

This use doesn’t seem to require one to write code. But if you think differently about your use case, let us know. :smiley:

Thank you @Saif for your reply.

My company provides NLU services and our goal is to manage the voice bot using our software. That’s why I need to redirect the calls to our servers.
I will give a look at all the documentation you kindly provided and I’ll try to build a flow.

Understood @Marco_Falcone

In that case, you may need the information to be passed over to your own servers. According to this article, the transcripts are available on request but I am not sure if they are available as an API for you to consume. You may have to connect with However, there’s a Download a recording API returning a URL that your server can use to download the recording and produce transcript yourself.