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My full-page app uses the API to create a solutions article. After the article is created, I grab the article ID and then I want to use it to redirect the browser to view it in edit mode. I’ve tried window.location.href = myUrl + "a/solutions/articles/" + id but a Status Code 302 (Found) is returned and an iframe appears. The contents of the iframe is my home page showing me NOT signed in, even though the page on which the iframe appears shows me as signed in.

If I copy the whole URL from an alert box and paste it into the browser, it works perfectly, so I know my URL is well formed.

How can I successfully redirect to view the article as an agent? Do I need to somehow pass credentials again? I’ve already passed them once in my createArticle() function.

@WardenBrown ,
Hope you are doing good!
As you know the app is rendered in an Iframe, and you can’t open a link in a new tab/window via iframe since it is sandboxed.
but there is an API to get the solution article and you can use modal to view the content.

hope it helps :slight_smile:


I finally found a solution! For anyone else who has this same question, you need to redirect to a new tab:, ‘_blank’);

It’s not ideal, but it works.


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