Refresh the main page of freshdesk using the SDK

We are developing a custom app with the FreshDesk SDK in order to integrate some important functionalities of our company into FreshDesk, and we are facing the next problem;

  1. We need to refresh the page, Using a custom app we create automatically a private note but the page did not refresh automatically; we try different methods but it is forbidden to access the window.parent in order to launch location.reload().

I hope you can help us with this issue.

Hi @Sebastian_OCAMPO,

Another topic exists on the same question and with an answer.

Why do you want the app to reload the page?

Because we build a custom app that made a translation of the last message and then creates a private note, but this one is visible just after refreshing the page.

So that’s the reason why we need it.

I understand the use case and why it needs a refresh. But only if there’s an Interface method exposed to the app to refresh the page would it be possible for the app to trigger a refresh of the page.

This is what I think could be the reason this is not currently exposed to the apps. The user’s flow should not be interrupted when an app wants to refresh the page, and it could also be hard to troubleshoot if things go wrong and the page keeps refreshing.

I will share this feedback with the relevant product team to consider this use case to address it. Thanks for your feedback.

If you want to hear from the product team immediately on this request, you could contact Freshdesk support (