Regarding the deletion event when any change request is deleted in Freshservice

Hi team,

I have questions regarding one of the use case for Freshservice and it would be great to have some help.

Currently, we are displaying our app in Freshservice in the Right Modal Dialog Box (Right Sidebar) of the Change details page. So, our app will be displayed on the change details page for every ticket/change.

Now, we are displaying some information in this dialog box and for that purpose, we need to store details for every change request in key-value storage (since Entity Storage is not available for all types of offerings). So, if user interacts with our app on 3 change requests, then we will have 3 separate keys in key-value storage like change1: value, change2: value and change3:value.

Now, when user deletes change requests for any reason, we thought that we should delete the key corresponding to that particular change. However, Freshservice only provides event for deletion of Ticket and not for deletion of Change. So, there would be stale data present even for the deleted tickets.

I have two questions about this:

  1. Is there any way to trigger any event on deletion of change request?
  2. Will there be any issues raised by App Certification team for this purpose?

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