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I know you can manually set up external webhook calls in Freshdesk automations but is it possible to call an API endpoint to register an external webhook that is associated with a product event ie. a ticket update?

Is this about a Freshworks app sending out webhooks to an external API based on events that occur in Freshworks? Or an external API sending webhook to a Freshworks app?

Hi Kaustav,

The second one. An external app would register its webhook with Freshdesk which would be called when Freshdesk product events happens i.e. ticket update.

Hi Rob,

AFAIK, it is possible with Freshdesk Automations.
Go to: Admin > Automations > Ticket updates
Click on New Rule and set your fields.

Under Perform these actions , select the Trigger Webhook option and register the endpoint.
Also, please check this solution articles for more information on this.

Hi Teja,

Thanks for the reply. I want to be able to do this via the API. I know this is possible but I want to do it without creating an automation that would be visible to users.

Sure @RobAtOpinyin ,
You can do the same using the Automation API. But, the automation rule will still be visible in the Ticket Updates section of the Automations.

curl -v -u yourapikey:X -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{ "name": "Send email to group", "position": 1, "active": true, "performer": { "type": 1, "members": [ 2043103097215 ] }, "events": [ { "field_name": "responder_id", "from": "--", "to": 2043103097215 } ], "conditions": [ { "name": "condition_set_1", "match_type": "all", "properties": [ { "field_name": "responder_id", "resource_type": "ticket", "operator": "in", "value": [ "" ] } ] } ], "actions": [ { "field_name":"trigger_webhook", "url": "", "request_type": "GET" } ] }' ''

Please try this with appropriate values and feel free to remove anything not essential.
Also explore the Automations API documentation for creating an automation rule: Freshdesk

Hi Teja,

Thanks for that. There is no way of hiding the automation rule from users?

If you are comfortable creating a custom Freshdesk App you can accomoplish your use case that way, see documentation here: Product Events

Alternatively, depending on what the external application runs on you could use something like the Event Bridge App for AWS if your external app runs on that:

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Thanks Thomas. I wanted to avoid writing a custom app if possible but its another possibility.

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