Related to service request steps for free trial extension

What are the steps need to be followed for the freshworks free trial extension. Please let me know as soon as possible.

How to create a service request?

I did share the link before. Sending it here again.


Sorry to repeat again>is there any youtube video link for the same then please do share.

Apologies, there is no video for the same.

Here are the details to be filled.

  • Requester * - your email ID
  • I am * - Freshworks Employee/ App Developer/ Other, choose as applicable
  • Domain * - paidappsdemo (for example)
  • Organization * - (for example) or (for Developer account)
  • Product * - Freshdesk/Freshservice/other (Based on Domain and Org)
  • Currency - INR/EUR/other (based on your country)
  • What would use this subscription for? - Justification for extension, like app development, product exploration etc.


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I want to extend my trial period of particular account do I need to share id and password and let me know how to extend the trial period for the same?

Hi @Swagata_Mandal , this has been discussed on this thread Related to service request steps for free trial extension - #3 by Swagata_Mandal

Was it not resolved?