Reply to twitter tickets

:point_right: 1. i am trying to reply a twitter mention ticket using the create a reply api , the reply is created in the ticket but it’s not received to the customer.
the type of the reply is an email, how can i change it to be twitter

:bulb: 2. Please format code snippets by enclosing it with ``` (triple backticks). For example,
var auth = 'Basic ’ + Buffer.from(token + ‘:’ + “X”).toString(‘base64’);
** var options = {**
** method: “POST”, **
** url: “"+id+"/reply”, **
** headers: {**
** ‘Content-Type’: ‘application/json’,**
** Authorization: auth, **

** },**
** body:JSON.stringify({ “body”:event.body,“user_id”:parseInt(event.user_id)})};**

:camera_flash: 3. here is a screen shot of the replies :

Hello @Shorouq_Almajali

The Ticket reply API only works with email. It doesn’t support replies to other channels.

Freshdesk also doesn’t have APIs for replying on other channels automatically.

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