Request API - concurrency


I’m developing a custom app which will get data from a server request.

The app invokes a server method which calls a freshservice API method to return data from a certain endpoint.
This works fine when run on one instance.

But behaves differently on multiple instances.

If i have 2 users logged in:
User 1 in chrome browser
User 2 in firefox browser.
And refresh at the same time in both browsers. I get endless loop and many failed api requests.
“RequestAPI - Received unexpected response from Parent”

How can this be achieved without getting this error since it breaks it for both users.
What is the best practice to handle user concurrency?

I’ve attached an image showing my two console windows for two separate users.

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Hi @JonathanHojtoft

Our team has tried to reproduce the issue and but failed to reproduce it to come up with any resolution. As for the next steps, I will send you a direct message on the forum inbox and cc one of our engineers to dive in further.

If we find a resolution, I will come back and post it on the same thread.

cc: @Asif

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We tried to catch up with @JonathanHojtoft.

It appears like this issue was temporary.

If you visiting this topic in the future and are facing same issue, please create a new topic in the forum and refer back to this topic.

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