Request API error - Unable to verify the first certificate


We have integrated our internal product(on premise) with Freshservice. While using the request API to connect to a server which is configured with a valid SSL certificate(a wildcard certificate), the following error response is received in the fdk debug logs.

Parsed https://host-name:8443/API/Login?methodToCall=list as {“protocol”:“https:”,“slashes”:true,“auth”:null,“host”:“host-name:8443”,“port”:“8443”,“hostname”:“host-name”,“hash”:null,“search”:“?methodToCall=list”,“query”:“methodToCall=list”,“pathname”:“/API/Login”,“path”:“/API/Login?methodToCall=list”,“href”:“https://host-name:8443/API/Login?methodToCall=list”}
FDK 231132: (proxy.js) Making proxy call with options as {“url”:“https://host-name:8443/API/Login?methodToCall=list",“method”:“get”,“maxAttempts”:1,“retryDelay”:0,"timeout”:5000}
FDK 231132: (coverage-util.js) Writing coverage.
FDK 231132: (proxy.js) Proxy came back with error as unable to verify the first certificate,

Could you please suggest a solution to resolve the problem?


Hi @Baskar,
I hope the webserver you are connecting to is misconfigured and did not include the intermediate certificate in the certificate chain is sent to FDK.
I request you to check the SSL certificate in your webserver.
there are many tools available to check the SSL certificate.

Hope it helps