Request to include Data method (Global placeholders)

Hi Team,

Currently the global methods are not working on the iparams.html page and the returns undefined.

We got a usecase where we need to check the current Freshdesk domain URL and the logged-in user details, unfortunately, the global data method (getDomainName, getLoggedInUser) details in the iparams.html page is not working so we are unable to solve the usecase.

Can we please include that details on the iparam page also?


Hi @kannansantharam,

Currently, the data methods are not available as you have also mentioned. The apps expect the user to enter the details if any of these are required.

Can we understand what is the requirement to get the domain and loggedInUser details?

Can we also understand what stops you from migrating to iparams.json?

If the app can be migrated to the default iparams page with iparams.json, the domain can be auto-populated with data-bind or validation be automated. Anyway, current user’s details cannot be fetched in iparams.json as well.


There is one workaround I can think of that might help make progress:

I can see you are using iparams.html. We can use the data-bind attribute as follows:

<input label="Freshdesk API Key" required="true" data-bind="product.api_key"> </input>
<input required="true" type="text" label="domain" placeholder="" data-bind="product.domain" ></input>

It should ideally populate the API key of the user and subdomain of the account in the UI. We can probably use both of them to consume Currently Authenticated Agent Freshdesk API which I’m assuming could have the information you might be looking to get bypassing loggedInUser to data method.

It’s worth a try.


Hi Ravi and Saif,

Thanks very much for the solution. Will try the data-bind method.

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