Requesting for Application Server log


In Freshdesk Marketplace Gallery we deploy the integration application for connecting Google My business & Freshdesk.

Now, One of our cilent is facing Installation & Deletion process in same time in there Instance we need server log to debug in our instance kindly take server log and share with us.

Here we sharing the Details of Cilent

Email :
organisation: Physicswallah
subdomain : Loading...

Arun K

Hi Arun,

If you have access to the account or can request someone who has access to the account, the app’s Serverless logs can be fetched from the App Gallery.

If you do not have access to the account, please submit a request on our Dev-Assist portal to get the Serverless app logs for your app on the client’s account.

Application is not installed, before itself application get deleted that kind reason we to find the root cause we need backend server logs from Freshdesk this timestamp ratio : 2022-07-12 09:34 +00:00

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