Requestor Companies

Within Freshworks you are able to and requestors and assign them to companies, but this is lacking in freshservice

I am using Freshservice as a combination of asset management and client management for physical equipment that we sell. With this in mind then it would be useful to have the functionality where I can add company information and then assign requestors to that company and as a result I can also assign assets/inventory to that company as well. Ultimately the equipment bought is then owned by our client companies and not their employees, employees can leave at any time and it’s a lot easier to remember company names than changing employee names.

Are we able to separate requestors and companies like freshdesk does very well and add the asset assignment functionalities to companies. I appreciate their are some workarounds, however, remembering workarounds bypasses the simplicity that freshworks is supposed to offer and workarounds can be easily forgotten or avoided by other agents.