Rest API to create child service item in freshservice

I’m trying to create an umbrella service request with child service requests, and I can’t seem to find anything equivalent to

Are their plans expose an API for child service requests?

Hi @willfroning_nuq,

I am working to understand the “child service request” feature in order to converse with Freshservice team :freshservice: for the API that you are expecting.

Meanwhile, I am not able to access the link that you have mentioned. Is it possible for you recheck and share the right link?

So if the service request is SR-1234 and the domain is “”, the URL would be


Hi @willfroning_nuq,

The equivalent API that you might be looking for is to create a child service item request is not available at the moment.

I took all this while just to confirm this part. Apologies for this super delay.

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