Restoring a user in Freshchat Web SDK

Hi team!

Is there a way to restore a user using a submitted pre-chat field as externalId?

Context: The customer does not want contacts to duplicate in their Freshchat account. So in their logged area, they are restoring the user using the externalId and restoreId according to documentation `Restore user. But they want this behavior in their public area as well, and the ideia is to set a pre-chat form, ask for the email and use it as the externalId - of course, it would need a callback from the submit form, so I could search for the restoreId.

Hmm, I looked through the docs. This appears like something someone who knows the behaviour of prechat forms can help you better, Samuel.

I put you in touch with the Freshchat team directly. Please discuss with them further, if possible, please share what you learn on this thread so that someone visiting at the later point can find help easily :slight_smile:

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