Retrieve all tickets with API

Hello Buddys,

Im trying to get all tickets from API in that URL:

But no matter what or how i change the date, I only get the last 30 days worth of data and nothing more.

like this topic:

I know i should use parameters like “updated_since” and use pagination but i’m not finding the way to do that.

All i need is get all my open tickets from this url:

Hello @Fabio_Cruz . Welcome to the Freshworks community :tada:

Thanks for finding a related question before even posting your query :raised_hands:

In the related topic, @kaustavdm has shared an example GET request that should help you get the 2nd page of ticket results here. Did you give that a try? If this does not work for you, can you let us know what problems you are facing?

Do note that, as stated here, there is an upper limit in general.

A maximum of 300 pages (9000 tickets) will be returned