Retrieve an old version of a custom object record

Hi everyone,

i am fairly new to working with custom objects in freshdesk. I have a question regarding versions of records. I noticed, that i can only update an existing record via PUT request when increasing the value for version field. As i found no information on this field, i asked myself, is it possible to retrieve an old version of the record? Is there some kind of versioning of records going on in the background and can i get hold of historic data of the records? Cause that would be really great.

Thanks for help!

Oh, ok. I really thought this would be an easy question to everybody who is using custom objects via rest API calls. Nobody has any idea as if there are versions of records available?

Hi @reymon, sorry about the delay on this topic. There is no way to fetch older versions of Custom Objects records through the Freshdesk REST API as you have already found out. I am not sure if the Custom Objects API retains older versions of records at all.

I will pass this ask on to the Freshdesk team as a feature request.