Retrieve or export deleted contacts


I have a need to retrieve deleted contacts via the API or otherwise via the Export function in Freshdesk.
Is there a way to do this? Reading the API documentation it states that deleted contacts or not part of the result set when calling List Contacts. The Freshdesk UI does not seem to have a filter for deleted contacts when exporting them. I can click on the Deleted Contacts filter at the top left which will show me a list of deleted contacts. But when using the Export button I get all contacts instead of the ones related to the active filter.

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Hi @j.couwenberg,

The List Contacts API in Freshdesk has a query parameter to filter only the deleted contacts. Have you tried using it? Will it satisfy your requirement?

curl -v -u <YOUR_API_KEY>:X -X GET 'https://<YOUR_SUBDOMAIN>'

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