Retrieving Attachments from Changes through REST API

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I am working on a project in which we are looking to retrieve attachments from Changes to then download and upload to another product.

On Incidents, this is relatively simple as the attachments are shown in the attachments array in the JSON response from a GET call to api/v2/tickets/{ticket #} and likewise attachments on notes can be retrieved from the attachments array in the JSON response for api/v2/tickets/{ticket #}/conversations.

From what I am seeing there is no supported equivalent for Changes within V2 and this functionality was removed when moving from API V1 to V2 as api/v2/changes/{ticket #} simply does not include the attachments array within the JSON response.

Is there something I am missing that is necessary to include this in the JSON response or is it simply not possible with API V2? If so, this seems like a downgrade in functionality.

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I understand your query here. You are right, the V2 API for changes does not include attachments. The V1 API for changes did support the attachment array, however, the V2 doesn’t include the same.

The associated attachments can be found in Tickets API.


Hi @Thakur_Ganeshsingh thanks for the welcome!

So there is realistically no way to actually access those attachments?

Unless I am missing a way to use the ticket API, using the Tickets API linked would not be able to retrieve the associated attachments for a Change according to the documentation.
If you had for example Change with Id 4, using the tickets API you would be unable to access the associated attachments because any GET requests with id 4 would return info for the incident/service request for that ID instead.

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Unfortunately yes. That is the current scenario. However, I have taken the feedback and passed it to the product team. I have strong belief that it will be resolved in near future.