Returning the most recent conversations

Hi Freshdesk dev team,

I know this is an old topic, but I am returning to it as I didn’t find any update in this matter:
I can’t find a way to return only the last conversation, including attachments. The current methods (view a ticket embeding the conversations, return all ticket conversations) returns the ticket in ascending order, from the older to the newest.

I am able to return the last comment or note by adding the field to a webhook, but if there is an attachment, it arrives embed as a link. This way doesn’t works for me :frowning:

Will be possible to add a filter so we can return the most recent conversations (DESC) instead of the current mode (ASC)?
like calling /api/v2/tickets/96/conversations?per_page=10&order=desc or even
Thanks and have a happy new year :slight_smile: