Reuse module/component ( such as react, NPM )

Hi, I’m a newbie and started looking at the sample apps. ( react-sample )

Just wondering if I can reuse component?
such as 1) NPM 2) Import/export module … etc

Because I have lots of UI components that I already build and want to reuse it.

Is it possible?

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Yes, of course you can import modules from npm.
You will first need to include the module name and version in the manifest.json file (dependencies property) in case it is a backend app you are building.

  "platform-version": "2.0",
  "product": {
    "freshdesk": {
      "location": {
        "full_page_app": {
          "url": "template.html",
          "icon": "icon.svg"

If it is a frontend app, you can use transpilers like webpack or babel.