Route not access error while executing internal API in custom freshdesk code version 2.3


We had a fershdesk custom app code and we recently did changes and upload it in freshdesk and given us a error to migrate the APP to v2.3 and we manually do it in the manifest file and tested the functions in local, and we got a “Route Not allowed” for the internal API that we calling inside the custom code.

Please let me help on this.

(upload://7PHaKmmT5ZO1lMHSaJApqFlOcY7.har) (823.7 KB)

Hey @Vidhya,
Please follow our migration guide while updating the apps from platform v2.2 to v2.3

Platform v2.3 is available in FDK 9 and above where you’d have to update to the latest FDK to test it locally and perform fdk pack so that you can deploy it as a custom app.