Routing automation custom action name doesn't appear in local simulation and in workflow functions list

Hi Need support on Routing Automation Custom App
I have used the below code as per the documentation, But not able to find the Function name in Routing Automation Section in Freshcaller IVR, I have published the Custom App

validateVIPPhoneNumber: function (request) {
   let validVIPNumbers = ['+15684561239','+12587419632'],
   response = validVIPNumbers.includes(request.input) ? 'valid': 'invalid',
   data = {
     "app_variables": {}

   return renderData(null, { data });


Hi Franklin,

I’ve tried to reproduce the issue. I’m on the latest FDK version - v8.6.6. I have used the code from this sample app with only one action.
I can see the action in local simulation and find the function in production with a custom app published.

Could you share your FDK version and the code of manifest.json, actions.json, and server/server.js files?

Hi Raviraj,
Please find the Version Number on the above screenshot

@franklin Could you also share the complete app source code for me to try reproducing the issue?

Please find the complete code

@franklin The actions specification should be defined in actions.json file. In your app, the file name is the singular. Changing it to plural works for me.

Could you confirm if it works for you as well?

Thanks Raviraj this works for me

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