Routing Automation Input on a CallUpdateEvent

I want to obtain the inpunt sent to the routing automation action to verify the data,

I want to know if there is a way on an event to use that input. The payload only has the rounting_automaition_input_id.

Another way to handle it would be if I was able to use de call_id on the routing_automation action.



If I understand your question correctly — You currently get routing_automation_input_id in the onCallUpdate handler (in its payload) after a configured action invokes it. However, seem to suggest the id is not sufficient, you also want the input given from the user.

Is my understanding of your problem correct?

For convenience can you copy the payload instead of the screenshot on this thread?

Hi, yes I want the callID and the automation input in the same context (either function or eventhandler).

The log just gives me the callID and the automation_input_id:

Logging arguments from onCallUpdateCallback event:

  "iparams": {},
  "region": "US",
  "data": {
    "call": {
      "parallel_call_groups": [],
      "phone_number": "+XXXXX",
      "root_call_id": null,
      "created_time": "2022-06-15T14:37:42.109Z",
      "call_notes": null,
      "assigned_ivr_id": 16536,
      "assigned_team_id": null,
      "integrated_resources": [],
      "assigned_call_queue_name": null,
      "phone_number_id": 97771,
      "participants": [
          "participant_type": "Customer",
          "duration": null,
          "caller_number": "XXXX",
          "created_time": "2022-06-15T14:37:42.298Z",
          "connection_type": 0,
          "enqueued_time": null,
          "cost_unit": "usd",
          "caller_id": 41813322,
          "duration_unit": "seconds",
          "caller_name": "996549381",
          "id": 143049140,
          "cost": null,
          "participant_id": 47392041,
          "updated_time": "2022-06-15T14:37:42.298Z",
          "**call_id**": 143049214,
          "call_status": 0
      "recording_to_redact": null,
      "direction": "incoming",
      "assigned_call_queue_id": null,
      "assigned_team_name": null,
      "id": 143049214,
      "parent_call_id": null,
      "bill_duration": null,
      "bill_duration_unit": "seconds",
      "assigned_agent_name": null,
      "updated_time": "2022-06-15T14:37:42.109Z",
      "recording": null,
      "life_cycle": [
          "type": "ivr_initiated",
          "ivr_id": 16536,
          "time_stamp": "2022-06-15T14:37:42.391Z"
          "type": "ivr_input",
          "digit": "1",
          "time_stamp": "2022-06-15T14:37:45.463Z"
          "type": "routing_automation_initiated",
          "routing_automation_id": 664,
          "marketplace_app_id": 164,
          "time_stamp": "2022-06-15T14:37:45.619Z"
          "time_stamp": "2022-06-15T14:37:55.904Z",
          "routing_automation_id": 664,
          "input_type": 1,
          "type": "routing_automation_responded",
          "**routing_automation_input_id**": 275474
      "assigned_ivr_name": "Creditia",
      "assigned_agent_id": null
    "associations": {},
    "actor": {
      "type": "system"
    "changes": {}
  "account_id": "460066",
  "domain": "",
  "event": "onCallUpdate",
  "timestamp": 1655303875,
  "version": "1.0"

Thanks for specifying this information. :+1:

Behind the scenes, this payload is sent by Freshcaller to the app platform that makes it available to your event handler as an argument at runtime.

Before I can post this to our product managers, can you describe the difficulty or limitation of your use case (please describe your business use case?) in the current situation? I guess there’s no API on freshcaller docs to even make an API call and get the user input.


I need to verify first if the Client Number is right then if this was true send him an OTP number. In the Second IVR I ask the client for the OTP number. I need to verify that the number given is the one I sent to that same Client No. during the first step.

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