Routing Automation is not routed to the another Routing Automation

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Am developing a Routing Automation application where we have two level of routing automation.

When value is returned from the app we route to another routing automation and fetch another value.

Lets say,

I have a functions level 1 and level 2, when the user call’s i’ll get the input as phone number and check some conditions within the app and return a value according to the condition (true or false).

If the value is true then the call will be routed to a call queue. If the value is “false” then another routing automation will be set up and in that level 2 function will be called. Again another value will be returned from the app which will be used to route to a different call queue.

Now the problem am facing is the level 2 function is not called may be the call is not routed to the another routing automation .

More over i can see logs very rarely, most of the time i don’t see any logs.

Is there something i need to configure within the routing automation or the app?

No logs found

Made multiple calls, updated the code with different logs and updated the app thrice still not able to see any logs

Action.js :

Can any one guide me or help me identify what exactly the issue is ?


Hey @Janani

Can you confirm what events are you listening to in the server.js. Logs are only when there are server.js in your app and when you use your app after adding it as a custom app.

If you can cross-check this and still confirm me you cant see logs, I can help you in finding out what could actually be the reason!



This is a routing automation. So there are no events to listen. And today we saw few logs(This is a different app with similar functionality), but again it stopped. Not sure why.

And we are using server.js file only with custom functions, which then used in the routing automation (work flows)

Hi @Janani,

The app will show the logs only when the custom action is triggered and the respective function is executed. As you have mentioned, it could have never triggered another workflow and resulting in the next app execution.

I am checking with the Freshcaller team if there is any other way to find out if another workflow trigger can be tracked.

Could you share the workflow on how is it configured to trigger another workflow in certain conditions? It can probably help narrow down the issue on the configuration and to find a way to troubleshoot further.

Please hide any business logics when you attach the image of your configured workflow.

Hi @Janani,

This is Ashwin from the Freshcaller development team. I checked your account’s recent routing automation logs and I could see calls being redirected successfully to different fallbacks. If you are still facing the above issue, please provide us with the call data and the timestamp of that call.


Hi @AshwinElangovan, It was working few hours ago. But again it stopped working.

Here is the call id’s 85494781,85494397,85493978 we tried few mins back.
Do you need any other data ?

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Hi @Janani,

I checked the above call’s data and found no discrepancies.

85494781,85494397 - Caller hung up the call before the marketplace app could respond.
85493978 - Outgoing call. So no routing automation is involved here.

Kindly let me know if you face any more issues.