Run ticket update automation rule on agent, requested or system update

Is it possible to configure a ticket update automation rule to trigger when an agent, requester or the system does the update?

Hey @RobAtOpinyin

The use-case that you are trying to solve is quite possible. Please try exploring the Automations provided by the Freshdesk. Attaching a link that might be helpful - Create automation rule

Have a good day!

Hi @Anand_Chandran ,

Many thanks for this.

I have that working already but it only appears to allow you to create an automation rule where the performer is the following :- agent, requester, requester and agent, or system, but not combinations.

I need an option that makes the performer for the rule: agent and requester and system. I could do this with two rules but I am limited only one call to create the rule and you can only create one rule per call.

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