Sample code for using react in custom installation page

There’s a way to use React to build a custom instalation page? I did not found informations about this in documentation.


Yeah it is possible as like in the app rendering,
you can use assets folder inside config to store your .js and .css and include it in the iparams.html,

Hope it helps :slight_smile:
kindly let us know if you need any example for this



Can someone create a sample app for the same?


This is something that is possible to have as a learning resource.

Thanks for pointing this out, we now know this could be of help.

Converting this as a feedback item so that it could be tracked and be closed when the resource is made live.


Do we have a sample yet?
Is it possible to use Vue single page app in custom installation page?

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Hey All,

Apologies for the delay,

The VUE and the REACT support we introduced natively in the FDK does not support the use of the same framework in the custom installation page,

Although there are a couple of workarounds we can do to support this, please allow us some time, so we can try out all the approaches and come up with a sample app of the best approach.

Stay Safe :slight_smile:

Any updates regarding this?

Hi @samuelpares
Did you manage to solve it for Vue? Am on the hunt for something similar for react.

I didn’t. @velmurugan said they would look for a workaround, but I heard nothing until now.

Fair enough. Did spend yesterday morning trying to create a React config app for it, only bad results. :smiley: