Sample iparams for Freshchat

Can someone please point me to a sample iparams configuration for Freshchat?

Hi @adarsh

Please refer to this document Installation Parameters for more information


I went through the documentation but it’s not working for me. Getting the error, the domain doesn’t match.

I was unable to find iparams sample apps for Freshchat on Github

Can you please share the code snippet of your iparams so that I can reproduce the issue from my end, debug further and let you know?

“FreshchatDomain”: {
“display_name”: “Freshchat Domain”,
“description”: “Please enter your Freshchat domain web address”,
“type”: “url”,
“required”: true
“display_name”: “APIKEY”,
“description”: “Please enter your APIKEY”,
“type”: “api_key”,
“required”: true,
“type_attributes”: {
“product”: “freshchat”
“secure”: true

Thanks for sharing. Where do you get the error “the domain doesn’t match.” ?

On the Installation page

Did you whitelist the domain in the app manifest? If not refer to the below snippet and whitelist the domain.


"whitelisted-domains": ["https://*"]

Let me know if you still face issues.


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Let me try to do it. I will update you after testing


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