Scheduled event is not triggered


I would like to perform a specific task based on time so i choosed scheduled events for my work around.i created a schedule in my server.js by SMI function. This SMI is invoked from my app.js.
my ‘onScheduledEventHandler’ is not executed on scheduled time .it’s executed only on local simulation i can get data while simulation

  1. I registered a scheduled event and SMI functions in my manifest.json

2.I created a SMI function to create a schedule


server.js SMI handler

3.I have a onSCheduledEventHandler in my server.js

You can see the logs of SMI in below snap shoot

i can’t get the logs of ‘onscheduledEventHandler’. you can find the logs of ‘onscheduledEventHandler’ on local simulation in below snap shoot

my schedule_at value is “2023-05-19T16:55:00.000Z”

i know something i missed but i can’t find what is it . can anyone help me to solve this


Hello @satwik

We are developing freshworks paid app.i’m waiting 3days for a reply.

Hi @Kithiyon ,

Not sure if you have already noticed this, but

  1. You can have a maximum of 1000 one-time schedules and 1 recurring schedule.
  2. The timeout period for app execution is 20 seconds and the default time zone is UTC.
  3. The schedule_at time must be at least 5 minutes from the current time.

Kindly revert with details. Also Please refer to scheduled events for more.


Thank you @Thakur_Ganeshsingh

In my app i have only one 1-time schedule.when i creating this schedule the time was 11.46AM
and my schedule_at value is “2023-05-22T11:57:00.000Z”

at 11.57Am the ‘onScheduledEvent’ is not called by the scheduler

i’m testing this in

@Raviraj - inputs please?

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Hi @Kithiyon,

Could you share the script you’re using to generate the “schedule_at” time?

This time should be in ISO string format which will be in the UTC timezone always.

In your mention, the time (2023-05-22T11:57:00.000Z) means 5.27 PM in your local time if you’re in India. Please check the log at the time to see if it has been triggered.
You can use the following script to generate a time that’s 6 minutes more than your current time in ISO string format.

const timeGap = 6;
const scheduleAt = new Date( + timeGap * 60000).toISOString();

If there are any issues in scheduling the event, an error will be returned when creating the schedule. Only rate limits would occur during the scheduled event execution, which cannot be avoided.


Thank you @Raviraj

You are correct now i’m able to run my ‘onScheduledEvent’ . i have one more doubt shall we update our one time schedule because i have a use case to run this schedule at every week and i know about the recurring schedule we cannot have multiple recurring schedule in our app right so i’m using one time schedule in our app . if i update one time schedule i’m getting an error

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@Kithiyon Yes, it’s possible to update a schedule.

If a scheduled event has already been executed, it won’t exist anymore and cannot be updated. You can create a new schedule with the same name after executing the previous one. Only before execution the one-time schedules can be updated.

If there’s a recurring event, the event will still be registered after one execution since the subsequent execution will run next. So, the recurring schedule can be updated anytime until it’s deleted.

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