SDK and extension are not compatible. Please Update

I used the Freshdesk Developer Extension a few weeks ago without any problems but now when I use fdk run and click on the extension icon I see a message “SDK and extension are not compatible. Please Update.”

fdk version is 6.7.2 and I can access the installation page by visiting http://localhost:10001/custom_configs so the local server is up and running.

Any help to understand and resolve the issue would be appreciated.


Hi @Dave_Mellors,

This Freshdesk Developer Extension was released for the older version of the platform. It was deprecated when platform version 2.0 released. V1 platform is completely deprecated.

This browser extension is not required anymore to run the Marketplace app. Just fdk run command should get you started if you have already setup the development environment according to the steps mentioned in our V2 documentation.

Let us know if know if you face any trouble testing the app by following the documentation steps.

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