Search contact in freshdesk (for autocomplete)


I need to search contacts matching some string (like regex), as far as I can see the API endpoints to filter contacts needs the exactly field value

(encoded query => email:“ne”) returns error because it requires the complete email address

returns error too because it requires the complete email address

I would like to get all contacts with “ne” like: neri@… neeee@… anne@…

get all contacts and then filter is not a good option due to the amount of contacts , lets say more than 20K

Is there way to achieve this?

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Good Day!
Unfortunately there is no support in the API to filter contacts with email address like this.
kindly refer Freshdesk for more reference.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thanks @Santhosh,

The thing is this requires the full email value, so this does not work like a search,
I was planning to use this to build an input like the Freshdesk search bar

anyways, thanks for your reply