Search query in FD is not returning any data

Hello Team,

We are using search query from Freshdesk to filter all the tickets on a particular date.

API Call:“cf_reopen_date:‘2023-07-06’”

cf_reopen_date: Is a custom text field which contains the same value.

Please suggest if I am making any mistake in the API call and if not, suggest the solution for it.

Akhil S Kulkarni

Hey @Akhil_Kulkarni

The search query using Freshdesk filter API is restricted to the following ticket fields available in /api/v2/ticket_fields API

Can you verify if your custom field is available in the ticket field list query. Also the ticket fields are case sensitive.

Hello Jones,

There is a field in custromer’s account which has today’s date as an input and we are also trying to fetch all the tickets for today using below string, but getting incorrect results.“custom_string:‘2023-07-18’”

Please let me know if this can be achieved from another query or if there is an issue in the current query.

Akhil S Kulkarni