Selectively securing keys in every object inside an array inside iparams


I am developing a multi tenant app so I need to have multiple configurations in iparams.

So here is the iparams structure:

{configArr: [{apiKey: “”, domainName: “”, notSensitiveData: “”}, {apiKey:"", domainName:"", notSensitiveData:""}]}

I am securing the entire “configArr” as I am not sure how to secure apiKey and domainName inside every object in the array not to mention the customer may add more such configurations which will add more such objects inside the iparams.

But in app.js I need to access some data using client.iparams.get in the iparams which need not be secured,
as we have secured the entire “configArr” key it has now become impossible to fetch some data that is not sensitive which is inside the configArr which has been entirely made secure.

Either I need a way to fetch secured iparams data inside app.js or I need a way to selectively secure certain keys in every object inside the array which seems to be not possible.

Any suggestions, solution or workaround would be much appreciated.


Hi @syedm,
currently, it is not possible to secure one key with an array of objects,
instead, you can separate api_key with one array and others with another, so that you can use other Iparams in app.js

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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