Send data from external service to freshworks crm custom app

Hello everyone,

Is it possible for a freshworks crm custom app to have capability of receiving datas from external service via the freshworks api?
I am developing an app that needs to receive information from another external app that would send those from api


Hi Andoh4h,
I think you can use external events in your app.

Apps can be invoked in response to events that occur in an external product or service by creating webhooks in that product or service. Webhooks enable you to subscribe to certain events. Every time the event occurs, the webhook is triggered and notifies the App Framework which in turn invokes the relevant app.

I happened to use it several times, but for freshdesk apps, however it seems they are also available for this platform

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your reply
The thing is that I work with a third-party partner that wants to send the data themselves to Freshworks CRM. I can’t have access to their service

You do not need to have access to their service. The app you are developing will generate an endpoint for you that they can use and you will receive their payload.

You just need to agree on the body of the request they will make to your app so you can insert the beckend logic into the app.

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