Send Email To Responder API or Notify Assigned Agent of the Ticket

Hello Community,

We have a use case where we have to notify the agent of the ticket for an external event.

Is there an API available to send Email to the Assigned agent or Notify the assigned agent of the ticket?

Currently am using an Automation to Send mails to the agent when a specific ticket property is updated.


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Hey @arshath.h,

You can try out the create note endpoint in Freshdesk rest API(Freshdesk) and add your emails in the notify_emails property to notify any agents or users, or you can use the nodemailer package to send emails directly to the email if your email provider allows you to send mails using packages like nodemailer and their authentication mechanism.

Hope this helps!

Stay Safe :slight_smile:

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Hi @velmurugan,

Thanks for your suggestions.

We already make use of note feature. I wanted to know is there any native API or method available to send mails from Freshdesk as lot’s of customers don’t want to use 3rd party services for sending emails.

Thanks for sharing the info @arshath.h.

As I take this as request for product team, I am trying to understand what is it that private note API cannot solve which requires a Native API to send emails? Also, should the emails be created on behalf of Agent?

It also would be helpful, if you could share a use case, that requires this facility?

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Looks like there is no native way to get around this, @arshath.h. I will try to roll this under feedback category.


Hi @Saif,

Sorry for the lack of response. We have a use case where we need to notify the agent of the ticket in email with the changes happened in the 3rd party application. They don’t want this details to be added to the ticket. So this eliminates the usage of note feature.


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