Serverless app events are not firing

We are making use of Freshdesk serverless capability to listen to events and taking actions based on them.

Node version: v12.22.7
FDK version: 7.1.0

We have the events defined in the manifest as below.

And in the server.js, callback functions are added

Events seem to fire in the simulation. From in the dev mode ?dev=true, it does not seem to call the handler.

There are a few errors on the console, in dev mode, but I don’t think that’s relevant, but adding them here anyway.

FYI: iparams.json is empty {}

Not sure If I’ve missed some steps for the events to fire.

Hi @justin,

For simulation of events in local testing, please refer - Product Events

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Hey @Raghu_Murugesan simulation works. When ticket update events are simulated, I can see the callback function being invoked.
But won’t the events invoke in dev mode?

Hi @justin, we have a similar thread - Can I test serverless app in local dev env with real data from FreshDesk? - #2 by Raviraj hope this helps.

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Do the handlers associated handleAppMainEvents(){..}, in their definition have asynchronous operations involved? For example, the handler itself to return promise?

I suspect, the problem could be with the nuances of the serverless platform,

Let me know if that helped you make some progress?

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