Serverless App Testing page fails to render (using provided example app)

Just getting started with a server-less-app and was looking to test the example provided “your_first_serverless_app” however when browsing to: http://localhost:10001/web/test/ to understand from this provided example, but there are no options to trigger the events for testing.

Looking in the browser console it looks like the default app is failing to load: http://localhost:1001/web/test/assets/js/event-page.js

Looking around I believe it should be attempting to load the page from: http://localhost:1001/web/assets/js/event-page.js (notice the lack of the /test/ folder)

I suspect the second issue with it failing to apply the css & script is due to the 404 error page due to the file location being incorrect.

This is a fresh windows 11 install, following the Quick Start steps.
Here are my version details if this helps:
nvm --version = 1.1.10
node --version = v18.15.0
fdk version = Installed: 9.0.0

Any suggestions to get started here?

Not 100% sure was happened, but retesting this (exactly the same as I have been doing many details before opening this topic), and all of a sudden it has started working.

Happy for this to be marked as resolved.


Thanks for updating the topic @It-Beer-Nerd

As a new developer on the community, let me first welcome you warmly to our fold! Now that you have managed to successfully navigate the testing for this first app (congrats on getting to that first mileston :tada: ), do you mind sharing some feedback on how this experience could be improved? I will tag @Raviraj on my team so we can collect some valuable feedback and put that in place for others like yourself to prosper on our community when they start out.

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