Serverless Features Timeout Issue

We are building a custom app for a customer in which the app should pull data from an external source and sync the data in Freshservice as assets. We have implemented schedule events for that, for every 6 mins 50 set of data will get synced(Per schedule). And we have planned to increase that batch limit as per customer instance’s API rate limits.

Since Serverless features have timeout limitation of maximum 20 seconds our sync logic implementation is failing because recursive call to Freshservice “create asset” API call for a batch of 50 data, it would take more than 20 seconds. We raised a request also in dev assist portal to increase the timeout but they suggest to raise it in the community.

We cannot reduce the batch number(we want to increase also) because the customer has a large volume of data. It is not a feasible solution that syncing minimum number of assets on every schedule for a large volume of data. Can anyone please help us on this?

Hello @Thamaraiselvan

Do you mind sharing the dev-assist request number that you have used to request an increase in the limits? There is currently no provision to increase the timeout for a scheduled event execution of an app. The only two ways of doing more is to schedule more often and cover as many data items as possible in each execution.

Hello @satwik ,
Thank you for your response. Here is the dev assist ticket that i have raised for your reference.

Link -

We have tried running the schudule at minimum intervals which is 5 mins and covering as many data items(as of now 10 per every schedule to accomodate the 20 seconds timeout). But the customer has a large volume of data and it would take around 3 weeks to complete the sync which is not efficient in timeline perspective. Thank you!

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