Serverless invocation method is not working for a customer

There is a public app “Asset relationships”, we are using a serverless function for getting some details from API By using the serverless invocation method.
But this method is not working for the customer’s production instance and test instance.

Hi Balchand,

Could you please:

  1. Expand the headers and share your response within them.
  2. Double check if you have used renderData(..) as per the SMI docs.

Hi debjani,

  1. Header is an empty object

  2. renderdata() is completely okk, and app is completely working for other accounts ,
    But for a specific account it is not working

here are some accounts having this problem

test instance-

Could you please,

  1. upload the fdk.log file?
  2. reproduce the issue locally on fdk run

Also, I’ve sent you a private message to collect account-specific information.

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