Serverless product event sending wrong data

Hi Team,

We’re facing an issue with the Freshdesk serverless app. In the app, we’re consuming onTicketCreate method. Here, the name of the custom fields in the event payload is not correct. Let’s take a custom field - contract_type. It should be technically cf_contract_type in the payload, right. But, we got cf_contract_type_1503403. The suffix is added to all the custom fields in the payload. Also, we tried getting ticket fields through API - /api/v2/ticket_fields. We got cf_contract_type as a name.

Could you please help us with this?

We are able to reproduce the issue. Will check with :freshdesk: team and let keep you updated.

Yes, Please resolve this ASAP since the issue is noticed in the production app which will affect the customer business.

I think this is just the case for any custom fields in an event payload - it’s been like this for well over a year (probably forever).

@rajezz The product team has confirmed that the custom field names change has been done long back and this is the expected behavior to receive custom fields suffixed with the account ID.
We will make sure to make the documentation reflect the same.

Looks like @Jamie is right. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification!

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