Serverless test framework acting funny

I’ve been trying increase coverage for one of my apps involving serverless events.

However, I get a weird looking coverage index.html

  1. The syntax highlighting does not reflect the actual coverage.
  2. The syntax highlighting looks bizzare.
  3. The execution count for each line is in thousands.

My test cases are very simple and straightforward.

node --version // v14.19.3
fdk --version // Installed: 8.6.4

It appears that the fdk test framework uses istanbul and it is no lnoger supported by the istanbul community.

They have asked users to migrate to nyc.

Take a look at this file. The highlighting looks completely messed up. Also, the coverage stats is wrong.

Please help resolve this as I’m unable to proceed to submit the a

Thanks for reporting this, @arunrajkumar235. There looks like a broad issue with code coverage, and it could be related to istanbul as you have pointed out. We are trying to get to the root of this. I don’t have anything concrete on this, unfortunately. cc/ @Developer-Platform.

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Appreciate the action you’ve taken.

Also, wanted to bring to your notice that this is a blocker when it comes to submitting public app for review since the minimum requirement is 80%.

Yes, @arunrajkumar235. We can look at bypassing the review phase for your app till these issues are addressed. Can you raise a dev-assist ticket?

@Nadeem_Bhati is investigating the issue.

Hi @arunrajkumar235 ,
In order to understand the root cause of the issue, it would be great if you can answer following questions

  1. Since when you were getting this issue?
  2. Did you recently upgrade the fdk ?
  3. Did you changed the codebase from last shipped version or is it a fresh app ?
  4. Did you tried removing the old code coverage (folder and .report.json file ) before testing the app.
  5. Did you made any changes in between the testing of the app.
  6. is it possible to share the Zip file.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Removing the .report.json file did the trick. It works as expected now. Thanks for your support.

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