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In freshdesk application i need to maintain the user login session for 1 day. wt is the best way to maintain that ?
i’m not able to use local storage for storing some user data because of security reasons in freshdesk app.
not able to use session storage
can i use and . how many request’ per minute it handle ?

@Santhosh and @Saif can you plz help me in this

Good Day!
can you please explain your use case in detail, so that we will provide the best solution for you!
Do you mean user session of the app, or user session of the product?


Hi @Santhosh ,
Thanks for the response,

i need user session of the app

@Konanki_Prakash can you elaborate bit more about the scenario where you need to maintain an app session for one day? Can we consider to persist it as esp?

Hi @sivasankar.swamy ,

we are providing the login screen inside the freshdesk app. for that we need to maintain the session for one day.

@Konanki_Prakash ,
Quick Question: why are you providing a Login screen inside the Freshdesk app?
is this login is specific to every agent?
if your backend supports Oauth please use agent OAuth, will it work for you?
ref: OAuth


You should be able to use local storage for this purpose @Konanki_Prakash . Can you describe what challenges you are facing trying that?

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